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This article is about a people with mixed Portuguese and Chinese or other Asian ancestries (1.2% of Macau population)

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The Macanese people (Portuguese: Macaense) are an East Asian ethnic group that originated in Macau in the 16th century, consisting of people of predominantly mixed Cantonese and Portuguese as well as Malay, ...

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Macanese people (Q405487) ... Category:Macanese people.

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Gathering of the Macanese Communities | AJM calls on young Macanese in diaspora to have a more active role.

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The Macanese are a special community in Macau, with a very unique culture.

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Description The Macanese, Miguel António de Cortela First half of 19th century.

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We spoke to Macanese chef Florita Alves about her mission to promote Macanese cuisine through her delicious cooking, and here's what she said.


Macanese / Redefinitions. ... "Macanese people, you who are (un)defined in not fitting in, which you do not, well... being more or less between two poles that attract and repel each other because of differences, ...

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Today, only 50 people speak the critically endangered creole language.