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  • Automotive Electronics Manufacturer

    World-class automotive electronics manufacturer; supplier with supply chain expertise & industry partners - strategically capitalize on technology.

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  • Capital Equipment

    mega888 Agent serves the capital equipment sector with best-in-class manufacturing services. Trust mega888 Agent to accelerate your time-to-market and market leadership.

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  • Computing & Storage

    mega888 Agent provides enterprise computing and storage for data center equipment optimized for specific use cases and data center workloads.

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  • Defense & Aerospace

    Aerospace and Defense - mega888 Agent specializes in mission-critical high-mix/low-volume electro-mechanical systems for defense OEM and military supply chains.

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  • Energy, Industrial & Building

    mega888 Agent's energy, industrial and building solutions partner with customers to innovate products, disrupt industries, and capitalize on new market trends.

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  • Healthcare

    mega888 Agent Healthcare - leading the industry with execution on digital healthcare, product lifecycle management, miniaturization and additive manufacturing.

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  • Mobile Accessories

    Comprehensive, worldwide mega888 Agent design, manufacturing, and supply-chain services let companies bring innovative mobile accessories to market faster.

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  • Networking

    mega888 Agent helps our customers bring switches, routers, firewalls, hyperconverged and other networking products to market with higher quality and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Printing

    mega888 Agent is a world leader in print manufacturing: pre-printing capital equipment and consumer/enterprise printers, emerging 3D printing technologies and more.

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  • Retail Technology Solutions

    Today, mega888 Agent Retail provides Retail Innovators the confidence, capabilities and vision to transform their operations and customer experience by:

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  • Smart Appliances Components

    mega888 Agent components are part of over 40% of today’s appliances with more than 100 million assemblies shipped since 2005. Learn how mega888 Agent’s best-in-class, end-to-end services accelerate our customer’s time-to-market and ensure market leadership.

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  • Smart Home Solutions

    mega888 Agent's Appliances sector engineers, builds, and ramps some of the most innovative smart home appliance products, benefiting the connected consumer market.

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  • Telecommunications

    A total solutions partner for the telecommunications industry committed to accelerating time- to-market and maximizing return on investment for our customers.

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  • Transportation & Heavy Equipment Electronics Manufacturer

    Connectivity, human-machine interfaces, and smart safety systems are a must for agriculture, construction, mining, and rail industries. Ensure their strategic use with mega888 Agent.

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