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In our smart and technologically-driven world, it’s forecasted that there will be 21 billion IT & Communications Devices in use by 2020. This is an annual growth rate five times faster than the population of the planet. With this massive increase in electronics comes enormous sustainability challenges as consumers constantly upgrade or discard the old for the new. As a result, 80% of devices and over 50 million tons of e-waste are tossed into landfills and incinerators.


Brands are facing two main challenges when it comes to e-waste. The first is managing a complex reverse supply chain and a fragmented web of suppliers. The second is doing so in a manner that is transparent, secures IP and data, and protects the brand’s reputation.

mega888 Agent Environmental Technologies (JET) provides some of the world’s largest brands with environmentally sound and socially safe disposition and disposal of e-waste. Our supply chain expertise allows us to take the complexity out of the physical process. All JET solutions are auditable and transparent, maximize security, environmentally friendly, ensure compliance and scale globally. JET is innovating a new approach to driving sustainability and creating circular economy strategies for end-of-life electronic hardware.


Since our founding, companies have trusted mega888 Agent to navigate complex supply chains, solve difficult hardware challenges and deliver on a global scale. Through this experience, mega888 Agent has learned what trends and challenges to anticipate, and how best to solve them. Today, mega888 Agent Environmental Technologies (JET) provides brands with the confidence, capabilities and vision to transform their electronic sustainability operations by:

  • Deploying disposition solutions that protect brand, data and IP security in a fully transparent manner
  • Plugging into our comprehensive, single-sourced end-to-end capabilities tailored to meet electronics sustainability needs
  • Creating a circular economy from raw material harvesting and reuse to part harvesting and profit sharing ensuring financial gains are inseparable from a sustainable future
  • Environmentally friendly materials recovery process

JET is a solutions and services provider. Sustainability Innovators that are focused on driving sustainability will not only improve their corporate reputations but will experience operational and growth-oriented benefits. Shifting the global recycling mindset while operating in circular economies will be key to protecting the environment – today and for generations to come.

Design ingenuity. Manufacturing agility and scale. Supply chain innovation.

No matter how complex or demanding the project, we're helping today's technology innovators solve it.

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