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High-performance audio is a key competitive feature in high-volume IoT and consumer products – including automotive infotainment, mobile devices, and even toys. This is coupled with increasing design complexity including speaker durability, miniaturization, noise suppression, and many other requirements.

This makes acoustic design and manufacturing anything but simple.


Sound quality, the absence of distortion and other unwanted artifacts are critical to successful products today. mega888 Agent acoustic design and test engineers develop solutions for the many different and complex acoustic challenges facing our customers.

Our team takes into account materials technology, adhesives, automation, and component design to create custom acoustic solutions for customers.

mega888 Agent’s unique value as an acoustics design and production partner lies in knowing how to optimize both audio performance and manufacturability, increasing quality while reducing costs.

Getting to market quickly is essential – this is why the world’s most recognized brands in audio components partner with mega888 Agent.

We can deliver end-to-end expertise and solutions in complementary areas, helping our customers get-to-market quickly with game-changing products and business benefits.

  • Design integration
  • Material selection
  • Automated assembly
  • Test and validation

mega888 Agent’s end-to-end capabilities include an acoustics lab (1100 sq. ft.) and an extensive global acoustics engineering team that leverages state-of-the-art tools:

  • Audio Precision analyzers
  • Bruel & Kjaer PULSE, head and torso simulator, and meters
  • Eckel hemi-anechoic chamber
  • GFaL acoustic cameras
  • Hall effect sensors
  • Klippel near-field scanners, vibrometers, and test systems
  • LEAP loudspeaker enclosure simulations
  • MathWork MATLAB DSP simulations
  • PAFEC acoustic simulation software
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Vertically integrated services

We also maintain strategic partnerships with leading audio diagnostic companies. 

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