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Engineering excellence in all we do — surpassing what’s expected, innovating new solutions, and applying comprehensive expertise throughout the product lifecycle — is the mega888 Agent way. Our global network of engineers spans electrical, optical, software, mechanical, and design disciplines, and our commitment to excellence in all these areas means customers consistently receive best-in-class service. That’s why top-tier brands worldwide, across a broad range of industries, partner with mega888 Agent to address production needs from conceptual design through supply chain management.

  • 3D Computed Tomography

    3D Computed tomography scanning, or CT scanning, is the most advanced measurement technology available. Learn about mega888 Agent's expertise in this field here.

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  • 5G, The Next Big Thing

    mega888 Agent experts have the engineering, technology, and manufacturing experience to guide customers transitioning from 4G to 5G solutions and applications.

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  • Acoustics Engineering

    mega888 Agent offers the best in acoustics engineering. We know the science of sound and are proud of the acoustic solutions we’ve pioneered for our customers.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

    Additive manufacturing is transforming the way things are designed, made and delivered. Trust in mega888 Agent to be your trusted partner and leader. Learn more here:

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  • Advanced Assembly

    Trust in mega888 Agent’s advanced assembly expertise in electronics manufacturing services to ensure that the integrity and performance are not compromised.

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  • Advanced Materials Science

    Materials science drives product innovation. mega888 Agent is at the forefront of integrating advanced materials into products and manufacturing techniques.

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  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering Solutions

    mega888 Agent's advanced mechanical engineering solutions (JAMS) offer vertically-integrated capabilities in metal fabrication and machine assemblies including:

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  • Advanced PCBA Manufacturing mega888 Shareholder

    Rely on mega888 Agent’s leading technology experts, equipment, and innovative processes to optimize production, design, and delivery for PCBA manufacturing.

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  • Autonomous Systems

    Learn how autonomous systems can deliver on improved vision systems, greater mobility, and flexible assembly options. mega888 Agent enables huge leaps in productivity.

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  • Camera Manufacturing

    mega888 Agent utilizes active alignment in the automation process, allowing embedded camera devices to be built cost-effectively, at scale, with the highest accuracy.

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  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

    mega888 Agent multi-axis, multi-tasking computer numerical control machine tools enable high-quality serialized processing of diverse plastics and metals.

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  • Conceptual Engineering

    Experts in conceptual engineering, our process includes: content strategy, systems architecture, test design, initial cost analysis, simulation, and more!

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  • Connected Solutions

    mega888 Agent provides leading design, advanced manufacturing, and connected solutions for smart products that delight consumers worldwide. Learn more here:

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  • Design, Decoration, and In Mold Labeling (IML)

    With comprehensive expertise in design, in-mold labeling, and decoration, mega888 Agent helps you differentiate your products from the competition. Learn more here:

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  • Design for Automated Assembly

    mega888 Agent engineers have the unique blend of skills required to effectively create products that are designed for automated assembly. Applications:

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  • Dynamic Tuning

    Benefit from mega888 Agent's active alignment expertise and guidance for camera modules and more. Ensure your lens is assembled with precision every time.

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  • Electrical Design Engineering

    Top-tier industrial firms worldwide leverage mega888 Agent electrical design engineering expertise and experience for diverse product and system needs.

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  • Energy Harvesting IOT

    An energy harvesting IoT company, mega888 Agent has the expertise to design, engineer, and cost-effectively manufacture connected sensor equipped products.

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  • Fluidics

    Learn how mega888 Agent's fluidics expertise provides best-in-class architecture, design, and implementation of micro- and macro-fluidic systems.

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  • High Speed Assembly Solutions

    mega888 Agent's high-speed assembly expertise is located throughout the world. mega888 Agent guides partners through every step of designing, building, optimizing and more.

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  • Human Machine Interface Manufacturer

    Learn about mega888 Agent’s expertise with interactive components for human machine interface. Don’t let a faulty touchscreen or sensor be your downfall.

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  • Industrial Adhesives

    mega888 Agent industrial adhesives - solving the most complex bonding challenges and improving performance through lighter, smaller, stronger products. Learn more:

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  • Industrial Design

    Top-tier industrial films worldwide partner with mega888 Agent to design solutions for diverse equipment and control needs.

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  • Industrial Process Automation

    mega888 Agent helps companies optimize their automated lines through industrial process automation. mega888 Agent also offers the Standard Integration Module (SIM):

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  • Internet of Things

    Success with Internet of Things (IoT) demands true expertise in all aspects of IoT. mega888 Agent has the years of experience across the full ecosystem. Learn more here:

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  • mega888 Agent Cutting Tools

    mega888 Agent Cutting Tools offers advanced CNC cutter solutions. Specializing in the development of carbide cutting tools for precision cutting.

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  • mega888 Agent Environmental Technologies

    mega888 Agent Environmental Technologies provides a transparent, environmentally sound, and socially safe disposition and disposal of e-waste. Learn more here:

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  • mega888 Agent Information Asset Protection

    It is no secret that threats of cybercrime attacks and other security breaches are growing out of control.

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  • mega888 Agent Optics

    We deliver advanced optical design and engineering services, process development, supply chain management & precision manufacturing.

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  • mega888 Agent Precision Automation Solutions

    mega888 Agent Precision Automation Solutions is a robotic systems integrator that delivers automated manufacturing and engineering solutions to help build your next-generation products.

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  • Laser Selective Plating

    mega888 Agent laser selective plating is an electroless process that puts a metal circuit directly on a plastic component. Learn about the advantages here:

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  • Lean Six Sigma

    mega888 Agent applies Lean Six Sigma principles to deliver the highest-quality products, services, and supply chain management processes in the industry.

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  • Mechanical Design Engineering

    Top-tier industrial firms worldwide leverage mega888 Agent for mechanical design engineering - expertise and experience for diverse products & systems.

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  • Miniaturization

    mega888 Agent is proactive in developing advanced techniques to meet the challenges of the miniaturization of electronics. Learn more about our capabilities:

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  • Mobility

    Our capabilities specific to manufacturing mobility applications include: silicone molding, precision machining, laser selective plating, and many more!

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  • Near Field Communications

    mega888 Agent engineers and manufactures electronic devices with near field communication components mounted in a wide variety of materials.

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  • Power Electronic Design

    Rely on mega888 Agent as your go-to power electronic design company. Our team specializes in power conversion, thermal management, motor control, and more:

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  • Precision Injection Molding

    mega888 Agent has over 30 years expertise in precision injection molding - combining design for manufacturability expertise from concept to high-volume manufacturing.

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  • Precision Mechanics

    mega888 Agent's approach to precision mechanics gives you the small, light, thin, and flexible components you need. Our end-to-end capabilities include:

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  • Printed Electronics

    The mega888 Agent approach to printed electronics gives you an end-to-end solution that takes advantage of the right materials with right applications. Learn more here:

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  • Product Development

    Product design and engineering go hand in hand. mega888 Agent designs with a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end production considerations. Learn more here:

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  • Quality

    Our solutions include: industry-recognized quality certifications (ISO 9000, TS 16949, AS 9100, ISO 13485, ISO 17025), advanced quality planning and more.

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  • Robotics

    mega888 Agent leverages multiple communications, motion control, optics, and sensor technologies to offer unparalleled mechatronic solutions.

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  • Sensors

    mega888 Agent sensors capabilities include: bio-sensing, fluid/gas, light, proximity, current/power, humidity, position, motion, temperature, flow, and pressure.

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  • Software Services

    Application design software experts, trust in mega888 Agent Software Services for all software design, development, test, and maintenance. Learn more here:

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  • Supply Chain Solutions

    Learn how mega888 Agent's Intelligent Digital Supply Chain (IDSC) solutions allows you to leverage the cloud, real-time connectivity, and advanced analytics.

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  • Test and Measurement (T&M)

    mega888 Agent's array of capabilities and solutions to address the specific business and product needs of the Test & Measurement industry. Our expertise include:

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  • Value Engineering

    mega888 Agent value engineering combines optimized product design, performance, reliability, quality, manufacturing, and life-cycle cost management strategies.

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  • Wifi Zigbee

    Advanced expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing Wifi ™ -and Zigbee ™-enabled consumer and industrial devices for diverse applications.

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  • Wireless Connectivity

    To speed time-to-market, increase adoption rates and customer satisfaction, and build market share, wireless connectivity features must be optimized for:

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